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Our focus is your wellbeing

Heartbeat’s Home & Community Care team provide a range of individual care support options for clients living at home. As our parents age and become frailer, they sometimes just require a little extra help around the house with their day-to-day needs. Getting the right help and finding ongoing, reliable and suitable care can be sometimes very challenging for you and your family.

Heartbeat’s Home & Community Care team are committed to the provision of client support from within a wellness framework. This strength based approach is goal focused and assists our clients to remain living independently and autonomously within their own homes for as long as possible.

Our wellness approach is about ‘partnering with’ people to assist them to regain their independence, adapt to their health and ability levels and even learn new skills, thereby putting the client at the centre of their own care.

We focus on the ongoing satisfaction of our clients, their families and all allied health professionals involved in their circle of care.

Our wellness focused service provision is flexible, responsive and based on the individual goals and needs of each client and their carer.

Heartbeat’s Home & Community Care team is known for their caring, compassionate and diligent capabilities, optimistic outlook, co-operative nature, positive attitude, approachability and accountability. Heartbeat nurses and care workers bring not only knowledge and experience, but also their unique talents to our client’s.

It is all about giving a person choice and helping them to remain in control of their own life.

We are very easy to deal with and can be trusted to do what we say we will.

Our care workers are enthusiastic, dedicated and flexible people.

Heartbeat Care Workers are well trained, experienced, supported with a diligent management team, ongoing training and supervision to deliver you the best possible care no matter how complex your care needs may be.

Every Heartbeat care worker is screened for their capability and suitability for their role, and must hold a relevant qualification in Attendant Care with recent industry experience. We conduct mandatory employment history checks, health screening and ensure that all care workers hold and maintain a current National Police Check and a NSW Working with Children clearance.

Heartbeat gives you peace of mind to get on with your life, all our care workers are employees of Heartbeat. They are paid weekly by us and are covered for Workers Compensation and all other statutory insurances.

Heartbeat Home and Community Care Believes

  • that our clients need transparent access to all services
  • that our clients have choices, rights and responsibilities
  • that each client is an individual and is entitled to holistic care which encompasses spiritual, emotional, physical, environmental and social well being
  • in maintaining the privacy and dignity of all our clients
  • that you are entitled to a choice of gender and cultural background for carers
  • we can do our best to provide carers that can speak your first language and respect your religious beliefs
  • there should be no boundaries to your needs and our service delivery
  • that we provide a cost-effective and professional service
  • in maintaining your independence and enhancing your quality of life
Our Service Charter

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Challenging Behaviours

Mental illness impacts most of us at some stage during our lifetimes in one way or another. The impact of mental illness on our healthcare system is daunting. There is a shortage of treatment options and community services available and this directly affects friends, families and the community. Heartbeat is involved in community and health service-based mental health programs and we take pride in supporting both our workers and our clients. If you or your organisation requires skilled, competent and reliable nursing or community support staff, please contact us.

Home Based Palliative Care

Our 24/7 specialist nurses use a team approach to address the needs of our clients and their families to allow our clients to die at home as they wish. It has been our experience that many people faced with a terminal illness prefer to stay in their own home surrounded by their family, pets and friends. However, nursing and supporting an ill relative or friend can be difficult and demanding and may seem a daunting role. This can affect the entire family; especially when the illness is relentlessly progressive and causes changes in the patterns of life for all the [...]

Dementia Support

Heartbeat care workers are specifically trained in Dementia and other related illnesses with diminished cognitive ability. Our care workers understand that people with Dementia still have feelings and emotions, even though they have memory loss and some difficulties communicating.  They bring smiles back to people faces and support them to do the kinds of things that they enjoyed doing, before their dementia.

Respite Options

Caring for your loved one is very rewarding but can sometimes be stressful and tiring. Respite care allows you to have a break, recharge your batteries and attend to some of your own lifestyle needs. With help from care workers from Heartbeat, you can take that break knowing with full confidence that your loved one will be well cared for whenever you need a break. Respite care can be in your own home, an aged care facility, and community based with social outings. We provide care workers from as little as few hours a day, overnight, active shifts and sleepovers, [...]

Registered Nurses and Clinical Assessments

Home visiting provides support for wound care, catheter changes, insulin injections and assistance with management of diabetes. Registered Nurses are available to support organisations with in home ACFI Clinical assessments including PAS & RUDAS assessments.

Transport Assistance

Our Registered Nurses and Care support workers can provide you with assistance and transport to enable you to attend appointments and access the community, using their own vehicles or a taxi.

Do you need help with your medication?

Our care workers can assist you with your medication and provide gentle reminders and support. Depending on your medication requirements you may need a Registered Nurse to administer medications. Please contact us for more individual information.

Social Support

Support to participate in community interest groups, family events and other social opportunities. Our care workers can transport and support you, great company too!

Domestic Assistance

Our care workers assist clients with everyday household activities. They can take you shopping or shop for you, assist with daily living tasks, help with your general house cleaning such as laundry, vacuuming, mopping, dusting, feed the pets, provide assistance with nutrition and using eating utensils and assistance with actual feeding if needed. Many staff are suitably trained in Peg feeding. Care workers will help you planning meals, to prepare a meal and even or cook a delicious meal chosen by you.

Personal Care & Assistance

We can arrange help when you need it and for ever how long you may need some support. The care worker’s will gradually assist you to do a little bit more each time they visit. Personal care & assistance, includes individual attention, individual supervision and physical assistance with activities such as feeding, bathing, showering, toileting, help to get out of bed and back to bed, dressing and undressing, grooming, mobility, and communication. Our staff can support clients with low and high complex care needs.